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You’ll also find a few things over on Medium.

Sketching the Long View, 2011.
A narrative of migration and change, composed for the opening of my project BCL/IGB.

Aliens in the Research University, 2010.
On the growing divide between art in the market and art in the academy.

The Cybernetics of Cool, 2009.
In praise of a Jarmusch film.

Personal Music as Public Wedge, 2009.
Local mascot madness and the state of music listening.

Hard Times at the Research University, 2009.
Brief thoughts on the state of art in research settings.

Passage to Urbana, 2008.
On how an Austrian cyberneticist may have arrived in Urbana, Illinois after WWII.

Introducing Marker, 2007.
Composed as an introduction to a public screening of Chris Marker’s films.

Moving Body, Moving Mind: Walking and Talking in Illinois,  with Nicholas Brown, 2007.
Symposium breakdown.

Mobility as Freedom in Critical Art and New Media, part one /part two, 2006.
On valorizing movement in my fields.

Studying Creativity, 2006.
Why art schools don’t teach creativity in the 21st Century.