What I Hear You Saying



A remix Lara made of the project (original to be released later in 2012)

Lara Scott and I created two videos as a single response to a call for works related to the theme of communication. The folks at Aspect selected the project for inclusion in a 2012 video anthology.Our project addresses a persistent and challenging form of communication that defies the globe’s expanding potentials for person-to-person contact – that of simple conversation, of reciprocal discovery through talk between friends. Lara and I have been friends for over ten years, and decided to hold three phone conversations over the course of a month. We each recorded our end of the conversations on video and then edited the resulting footage into two sequences. Each had access to the other’s footage, but edited separately, and without planning ahead. The project resulted in three outcomes– the two videos and the conversation itself, which reflects the care and craft that any two people must carry into talking about “difficult things.”We proposed to ASPECT to include our two videos – each 7:29 in duration – as a single project. We believe they reflect not only some aspects of communication sometimes missed in contemporary preoccupation with mere presence or contact, but also important qualities of how communication via any medium mediates sociality through hearing and vision. On the phone, we each look as we listen, visually attending to separate spaces as we aurally create  a single shared space.