Summer Labors

It’s been a good season around here for re-immersing myself in matters archival, material, and rhetorical. The online film archive is shaping up thanks to the tremendous work of some dedicated Research Assistants over the past year. Ned and I are also working on some re-framing of our “Operators” project.

The video above is a sort of trailer/intro I put together as a sketch of our new approach. (The final product will most likely be an online interactive project, rather than a printed book.)

In other news, the video Lara Scott and I made is now available from ASPECT. You can catch a clip and description on their site, or order the DVD to catch it with Matt Freedman‘s excellent commentary.

Lastly, it’s been fantastic to return to drawing this summer on some admittedly naive comics projects. The book on Urbana history progresses well, and I’ve also been doing some little four-panel strips that I hope to put together as a little book in the Fall. Here’s one example, not yet cleaned-up or anything:



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