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I kept wanting to offer some thoughtful reviews of stuff I consumed this summer. Now the summer’s over. So I’ll just make it very brief, and non-exhaustive:

  • Babel-17, Samuel Delany (novel) a cosmic clockwork that follows rhythms some of us don’t know yet.
  • The Massive (comic) : Finished this outstanding series on global climatological collapse.
  • Trees (comic) : New and promising series. More global apocalypse, good simultaneity.
  • Beasts of Burden (comic) : All dogs and a cat or two, defending against supernatural attack on the neighborhood. Gorgeous drawing.
  • 8House (comic) : Just started. Moebius meets Anders Nilsen artwork. A noblewoman made of roots.
  • Rick and Morty (tv) : Animated bro-show in a sea of putrid bro-gramming. Too bro but great sci-fi storylines.
  • Never Alone (video game) : Beautiful sidescrolling myth-action, a girl heroine, a fox companion, great video interludes from real people.
  • Botanicula (video game) : You’re a team of spores and nuts, restoring the ecosystem against some dark sucking thing. Absolutely all sounds made by human mouths.
  • The Crane, Reiner Zimnik (kids book) : A crane operator guy never comes down from his crane, he loves it so much. Outlasts cities, wars, floods. Not sure how it ends yet.
  • Boa/Cold, Earth vs the Bug (album) : These two together, OMG. Dirgey beats. Like Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog and Dead Man merged.
  • Fourtet, Morning/Evening (album) : Perfect two-song record. Start on either side, the act of switching is still part of the listening.
  • Witness,” Brian Eno and Karl Hyde (song) : Been hanging on to this one for a year. Aspiration and mourning, ecstasy for the subtle.
  • Ten Love Songs, Susanne Sundfor (album) : This has been my pop. Stevie Nicks > M83 > Rufus Wainwright. Her voice.
  • Radio Zero (podcast) : One podcast elbowed in next to my FMU regulars. R+R are so good at talking about everything, balancing personal and political, stepping on lines and finishing them.
  • Knifepoint Horror (podcast) : Yikes how did I get onto this? Four shows in so far. Non-serial thank heavens. Same speaker every time. Same writer? No sound FX. Just a guy telling a ghost story. Chilling.

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