Disconnected thoughts from holiday Limbo

from Dore's illustration of Dante's Limbo

Grasping at some definition in the amorphous time of family holiday visits. A few shapes emerge in the mist:

Status updates are not so different from how postcards once functioned. (This I decided after reading Rina Piccolo‘s piece on postcards in the wonderful Syncopated anthology.)

In Avatar, a non-cybernetic mercenary army fights a cybernetic national amy. We’re supposed to side with the latter, which also wins.

I never noticed before that Aimee Mann is in The Big Lebowski – she plays the nihilist’s nine-toed girlfriend.

The fury/flurry of smartphones in recent consumer electronics has been omnipresent and consuming. Yet I’ve seen almost no hype around service plans, which seem to be steadily rising in cost. As far as I can tell, everyone with a smartphone is now likely paying around $850 a year for the service, and probably a lot more. What were they spending this money on three years ago?

On New Year’s Day my non-betting friend Zuppa bet money on a horse named Zippy, a long shot, and won.

Walking out of Best Buy with a new computer to set up for my in-laws. Coming the other way, an old stooped-over guy waving a glass coffee pot at the blue-shirts.

Used VHS copy of Harun Farocki’s Videograms of a Revolution for six bucks! Score.

Everywhere I turn these days – the work of David Mindell.

It’s hard to look a stranger in the eye when he displays detailed knowledge of your recent medical history (in the context of visiting a relative’s church).

Unabomber survivor Gelertner once wrote that software is to hardware what the musical score is to the musical instrument (or something like that).

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