New Media in One Minute (it’s educational)

I teach in an area of questionable disciplinary distinctiveness – an area called “New Media.”  It’s a subject heading that few are happy with, in or out of the field – and I wonder if it will even be around in a few years. Meanwhile, once a year I have to explain my field to freshmen who are looking for a major. Each year I get better at reducing this fraught area to a few spare words. Here’s this year’s introduction, as a VERY short slideshow below.

I also distributed a handout/infodump of institutions and reference points for the field – now two years old and certainly not comprehensive, but perhaps of use to some of you. Download and share here.

5 Responses to New Media in One Minute (it’s educational)

  1. Ned

    re academic disciplines serving new media, you neglected rhetoric, as most do

  2. kham

    Fair enough Ned – I could have listed others too – I need to figure out how to quickly communicate where this thing is and isn’t meant to be comprehensive…

  3. kham

    I need arrows into that slide with “other”! That’ll help…

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