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For this early collaboration with 13 Kubikov (then called Burundi) groups in New York and Bratislava mimic a paid cellphone conversation through simultaneous walks. Each group follows the same temporo-spatial pattern, and splits the cost of the call by depositing money in the street.

We created the project for an early convening of the annual psychogeography festival Psy.Geo.Conflux.


  1. The project will take 90 minutes to complete, and can start on any two public sidewalks, preferably a long distance from each other.
  2. A group or individual will start at each location, carrying a compass, a timer, and half the cost in change of a 90 minute cell phone call between the two locations. This amount should be divided into 16 equal parts.
  3. At the precisely pre-arranged starting time, the two assembled groups will place the first of their 16 piles of money on the ground at their starting locations. The money should be placed in the open. As soon as the money is placed, each group should walk as straight as it can directly east.
  4. After exactly six minutes of walking east, each group should stop and place the second of the 16 piles of money on the ground. Then it should immediately start walking directly east again.
  5. These two steps – placing a 16th of their money on the ground and walking for six minutes as straight as possible – should be repeated until all 16 parts have been left in the open to be found.
  6. The path should be tightly timed, and should follow the same path through space, constructing a 4×4 grid of 16 piles of money on the ground.

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