American Sinai



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American Sinai began in 2009 as an investigation of how I came to associate mountains – particularly the Rocky Mountains of Colorado – with the divine, and to thus to participate in a larger narrative of white conquest in the context of Christian pilgrimage.

The project revolves around my investigation of Colorado’s Mount of the Holy Cross, a site that has swung between obscurity and fame over the centuries since white explorers first reported it as a confirmation of the right of whites to take the land.

I decided to visit the site in character, adopting the identity of a famous figure from American independent comics who has an unexpected tie to the place.

The project resulted in multiple photographs, a large photographic mural and timeline of events, and a slide-accompanied monologue presented in performance art settings. Next will come (opportunity-permitting) a published book and a permanent home for the mural.

To navigate the mural in detail, click here for a zoomable view.

I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto the Hills

I’ve presented a short monologue/slideshow based on this research at a couple different locations, and am now working on adapting that performance into a standalone video. Here’s the current rough cut.

Exhibition History

  • originally begun while at Anderson Ranch, Colorado
  • edition created for Christina McPhee‘s Pharmakon Library and displayed at the NY Art Book Fair
  • performance later created for the Dirt Festival at Chicago’s Links Hall (also presented at Kansas State University)